On January 17th of this year I was elected the first Mister Leather Ireland since 1989, by Geared Ireland, the Irish leather & fetish community, as well as representatives from around Europe (Daniel Dumont, Arnaud Mister Leather Europe, Tyrone German Mister Leather, Nordine Mister Leather Belgium, and Max Mister International Rubber).

I will never forget that weekend, particularly because Max edited together an amazing video called 'Don't Give Hate A Chance' which captures the weekend's events! For me it was not just the start of my title year, but also an occasion which illustrated to the world how much Ireland has grown.

As much as I'm looking forward to many great experiences this year, I know there will also be many challenges intertwined. It is a big year for Ireland, with us even having a momentous referendum for same-sex marriage. My focus for the year will be to combine both local and international responsibilities. Building up relationships within the global leather community, alongside encouraging the scene within Ireland to ensure it continues to thrive, now and after I pass on the title to my successor next year. I am very much looking forward to representing Ireland in both International Mister Leather this coming May, at Mister Leather Europe in October, and in attending the many events throughout Europe that I have had the pleasure of being invited to.

Since my election I have been overwhelmed with the amount of support, camaraderie and positivity that I have received. It is these qualities that I will try to embody and show to others. In my role as Mister Leather Ireland I feel I can only be who I am, as that is the person that was elected, and I hope to do you all proud.
Yours in leather brotherhood
Kevin Murphy