Dear friends,
I'm Neri from Naples. I have had my first approach with the leather world abroad in Berlin, because in my city there are no fetish events or Clubs. My native Club is Leather Club Roma but now I'm a member of the three Italian Clubs.

On 30th of April my dream came true and I was elected Mister Leather Italia in Rome. For a year I'll be the ambassador of the Italian fetish community in our country and abroad, together with my colleague Chris, Mister Rubber Italia. It will be a big challenge but I'm sure that i can count on the cooperation of all those who care about our common dream. It will be wonderful to put my personal passion at the service of the others. One of my objectives is to build a strong network of international relations with others titleholders, with the delegates of clubs and with the European federation to share ideas and experiences with the purpose to identify best practices to spread in the local community. Therefore I mean to take part in the big international events (EML, IML, Folsom Europe..etc.) but in minor events too. At Italian level I mean to work for the promotion of fetish culture outside of the usual borders with the main purpose to introduce young people to our world. I would work to strengthen the image of the Italian Fetish Brand so that more and more people and enterprises decide to invest in events and sponsorships. My secret dream  finally is the spread of fetish culture in my City and in Southern Italy. I'm sure it will be a fantastic year full of emotions and experiences that I will remember forever.