When I was on stage at Pitbull Clubbing in Vienna Dec-2014 to convince people why they should vote for me, I had no idea that these words would turn out to be so true…

As Mr. Bear Austria I intended to travel around Europe to get to know nice people and make new friends especially using my passion for languages… First you look at each other, you maybe shake hands, but talking a few words in your new friend’s mother tongue will finally break the ice and bring a smile on your buddies face - even if it is just one sentence.
I consider it profoundly important to make an effort in understanding one another.
I’m truly glad that I had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people by traveling to events like elections for Mr. Bear Hungary, Mr. Bear Germany at Bear Pride Cologne, Mr. Bear Belgium in Brussels where I was given the honor of announcing the worthy winner, or Mr. Fetish Czech Republic where I had the pleasure to perform with my instrument live on stage - thus combining my passions of leather fetish and being a professional musician, a combination that I intend to further in the future.
What really made my year though was the election of Mr. Deaf Bear and Mr. Deaf Fetish Germany taking place in Stuttgart 2016. A small but grand community of deaf guys whose strength and warmth I deeply started to admire. Not that they are free of problems, but communicating via hands and face is a skill we might all consider integrating in our lives: It considerably enhanced my way of expressing my own emotions as well as my understanding of how to be compassionate about those handsome guys around me - be they in leather, rubber, gear, uniform or whatever fetish you love to think of.
I will officially hold this title until the next election in Vienna where the next Mr. Bear Austria is sent to party, socialize and connect to people of value… our community.
Big Bear Hug to all of you!
Stay connected,