Being chosen Mr Leather Malmö 2015 to represent SLM Malmö (Scandinavian Leather Men) in the ECMC AGM has been one of the biggest things in life to me.

I’m ferly new to the fetish community, and have only been a member to SLM ECMC for about three years, while writing this.
I was also new to the city of Malmö. But the leather culture SLM opened a door filled with new friends. I was warmly embraced and fast introduced to the social life in the region, all thanks to the leather culture.
Pleasure is not a bad thing to me, but many times society seems to have another point of view. And that goes for both the straight and gay community. Running the largest Gay blog in Sweden (blog ADON) with approximately 30.000 views a month with readers from all of the Nordic countries, I want to give another side to joy and a fair picture of pleasure.
Running for Mr Leather Europe 2015 did not only give me many new friends, a great experience and a whole new “family”. It also gave blog ADON the perfect tools to keep on the goal of giving pleasure, fetish and sex a fair face and rightful picture!
I didn’t win the title of Mister Leather Europe 2015. But I won many new friends, a whole new experiences in the leather culture, and thanks to all of you I had the time of my life!
Mister Leather Malmö 2015