From listening to other fetish guys it seems I was a latecomer to the fetish world. I can remember that in my twenties I was very interested in sportswear, tight clothing and bondage.

There was just something very sexy about guys in tight figure hugging gear and I guess that this combined with the sweat produced when they played sports made the guys very sexy looking to me.
Looking online I found that a lot of guys shared my fetish interests and I began chatting to various guys on Planet Romeo and I eventually plucked up the courage to meet a few guys. This led me to hearing about the Geared Ireland workshops and regular fetish night February 2015 I attended my first Geared Ireland event which was their Bondage Workshop and it was a revelation, there were so many horny guys in lots of different gear and I was overwhelmed by the welcome I received and the friendliness of everyone involved.
It was a very exciting moment for me when I marched with Geared Ireland in the annual pride march in Dublin in June 2015 – an amazing march to celebrate the Marriage Equality win early that year. It was very liberating to be able to march in gear through the Capital City of Ireland.
As time progressed and following what I had seen online and at Geared Ireland I developed an interest in rubber gear. The gear looked amazing and had that figure hugging quality I had found in sportswear; it also had that shine that made it look amazing. Initially I borrowed some rubber gear from mates and this further served to increase my interest.  So much so that I bought the rubber surf suit from the guy who lent it to me.  I am slowly increasing my rubber collection as funds allow.
The great feeling of being in the gear and encouraged by my mates I decided to enter Mr Rubber Ireland at the 3 Kings event at Geared Ireland in January 2016. It was an amazing weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the international visitors who came for the event and all the great guys who attended the night.  The culmination of the weekend was when I was elected Mr. Rubber Ireland 2016. It was one of my proudest moments ever. I really hope to be able to represent the Rubber Fetish scene in Ireland and I am visiting Berlin at Easter for my first official engagement as a Titleholder.
So I may have gotten to the fetish party late.... but oh what a party!