On the 16th of May I have been chosen to be Mr. Leather Amsterdam 2015. Two weeks before the election i have been ask to join this competition.

It took me a week before I said YES, but being a leather man I had to join. With the help of my best friends and giving all of myself in that week, I won the competition.
Being well known as a small build, masculine but social man, enjoying his own life and trying to make the life of others happier was the reason I was chosen by so many man as winner.
What an experience it was.
I am Frank van Schie, 56 years old, single man who is living in the East of Amsterdam. I work as a nurse for the Community of Amsterdam.
I have two mottos in life:
Carpe Diem and A Smile is the Shortest distance between Men (people), words spoken by Victor Borge!! I try to live like that.
I am part of, and enjoy, the Leather scene for more than 30 years. I knew a lot of men, who build the path for us, being who we want to be now. Lots of those friends lost their lives because of Aids or age. Time changed a lot in those 30 years but I am still a part of those big changes and still happy.
Dressed in full leather, or just wearing a single piece, this great fabric is always part of my wardrobe. I am proud of that and enjoy it to the max, every day.
With my title i will try to continue the path my brothers already paved for me, for us. Show myself, stand out from the crowd and help where i can, helping is in my genes, it’s my job!
I make myself strong for 2 points the coming year.
1. Keep the leather scene alive / visible in Amsterdam / Holland. Giving information about the Leather / fetish scene.
2. To keep the scene alive, making new friends,socialise with friends , make myself strong for early clubbing, bars and meetings. Most parties start so late nowadays.
Why not start early? Leave your mobile phone at home and socialize with each other. Talk and discussing about what keeps us busy in life, politics and community.
This year, being Mister Leather Amsterdam 2015, I want to show that the Leather-scene is still alive although not always visible.
I am looking forward to meet the other titleholders and making new friends in Vienna. Looking forward to the Mr. Leather Europe 2015 competition. I am proud to be one of you, proud to be a Leatherman.
With love and greets in Leather from Amsterdam,
Frank – Mister Leather Amsterdam 2015