Dear Leathermen, fetishists, and admirers,
it is with a lot of happiness that since last 30th of May, the date of the french Mister Leather France contest 2015,I had been topped with the sash of Mister Leather France 2015.

I'm very proud to become, since that date, the new image of the french leather community for one year.
The french leather contest was this year one the most difficult for the judges present that night as the shows provided by the 8 contestants (merging from 8 areas of france) were so diversified at a high level and done with the bottom of the heart. The organisation owning the french contest which is ASMF (French Sportive and Motorcycle Organisation, for more information has perfectly organized this event, going first in each French area to do the local election and then reunited the 8 contestants to elect the best of them in Paris. Among the judges, were present : Arnaud Mister Leather Europe 2014, Tyrone Rontganger Mister Leather Germany 2013, Hugues Fischer Mister Leather France 2013, Karlkuir Muscu (Leather France 2014), and Jérôme Gourdin Mister Sportwear 2015, and members of the ASMF organization. All the shows were different one from the other : stand up, songs, stage and strip performance were what could have seen the audience.
For my part I decided to make a strip showing the deepest hot feeling of a bluf code leather man by turning the leather gear into a naughty leather sportwear rabbit showing to the audiance its carott with with a condom as prevention message to prevent against the risk of non safe sex intercourse. Said that way, I have to admit it seems weird but I tried to do it the most self integrity regarding my taste for leather but with a bit of sens of humour because it was also a show and must not be boring. This worked, the votes have been in my favor to my great amazement and joy. But I can't help thinking about the other guys whom I know would have also liked to wear this sash, that's a pitty to be the lonely winner in such a moment, but that's the game anyway.
What I do expect with that title now I'm a title owner is to get one of the happiest moment in my life and sharing it with the ones who made it happens, may they be my closest friends or admirers I could meet from anywhere. I'm also very eager to meet the other title owners across europe to celebrate with them this unique moment at leather meetings, prides or some other events. With the sash I also want to keep enlighted the fetishism way of life, to take the hand of the curious ones who keep wondering and don't dare, to raise the haughtiness against the silence.
I'm very glad to put these few lines about me and my feelings into the ECMC page it's still something unexpected and a dream came true to walk in the steps of the ones I was looking at. Humility and Respect are the values I learnt from them through the years .
Sylvain Mister Leather France 2015