Hello leatherfriends,
It is already 4 months ago that I was elected Mr Hoist by popular vote, in the world famous fetish bar under the arches in Vauxhall, London. To me, winning the title felt great because it showed yet again the fantastic welcome London has given me since I arrived. After 1.5 year, I truly am part of this vibrant and friendly community and it feels great.

Did I know what I was doing when I entered that contest? NO! If I could go back and say something to myself just before stepping on that stage, I would say: “you have no idea, after this you’ll never be the same. But it’s a fantastic ride, so give it your best shot.”. I have already met so many inspirational people across the worldwide leather community, learned so much about the breadth and depth of Leather in all its forms.Mr. Hoist 2015I am looking forward to 9 more months of these fantastic experiences and opportunities.
And in just a few short weeks, five European contestants will be representing our great continent in Chicago at the International Mr Leather competition. I am truly honoured and excited to be sharing this incredible journey with Arnaud, Andreas, Kevin and Greg. IML, maybe it’s time for the title to come back to Europe…
Yours truly, Bas Mr. Hoist 2015