On May 1st, 2015 I've had the honour of being elected Mr. Leather Italy in the beautiful city of Padua, surrounded by the italian leather community (officially represented by Leather Friends Italia and Leather Club Roma) and many international guests, such as Daniel Dumont, secretary of ECMC, Ramien Pierre, International Mister Leather 2014, Steve Dupont, first IML runner-up and Mr. New England Leather 2014, Arnaud from Amsterdam, Mr. Leather Europe 2014, and many more... too many to name them all, actually!

After a great dresscode dinner hosted by the guys of Flexo, the other candidates and I presented ourselves to the international jury and to the crowd. Both made their decision and  I've been their choice: what a blast! Ramien gave me the medal of the winner and Ivan (Mr. Leather Italy 2014) decorated me with the sash that he proudly wore all the year before. Then, we partied all night. A success!
To be honest, it's been quite unexpected. I mean, when you enter a contest like this you strongly want to win, of course, but you also know that you have great rivals to face. And mine were first class ones! Nicola (1st runner-up), Rocco (2nd runner-up), Marco and Valerio are all fantastic guys and everyone of them would have been a  great Mr. Leather. And this is the reason why I'm so proud to have been the chosen one.

I'm completely aware that it will be a great year for me but I also know that winning the contest gave me a great responsibility towards the italian (and international as well) leather community. Now I am in the frontline and I want my fellow leathermen to be proud of me. It can be a bit scary, if you stop and think about it, but I am surrounded by the great guys of LCR and LFI, who I know I can rely on.
I will try to travel as much as I can to represent the italian leather community abroad but I'd also like to be a benchmark for the new generations of guys that are into leather and want to find a way to live this passion.

I have been in the closet (about my fetish for leather) for too much and I know how frustrating it can be... I have to thank Francesco (Mr. Leather Italy and Mr. Leather Europe 2013) who was the one who helped me make my entrance in this world and took me to the first parties, back in the day. And since I think that life is a karma I want to give back by helping someone the way he did for me.
Furthermore, I hope I'll have the chance to assist the Leather Club Rome (my first club ever) to organise more leather and fetish events in our beautiful city, such as the Fetish Pride, that we already host since 2014.

Thanks for spending your time reading this. I really want to hug each and everyone of you in person, because leather means also brotherhood. And we must not forget this. Ever.
Marco, Mr. Leather Italy 2015