Dear Friends and Delegates,
it is always a pleasure to send my first newsletter after the ECMC AGM as it appears as a long list of thanks to people who engaged themselves for their local community and for our European leather community.

Dear Friends,

The entire community of ECMC clubs is the true and only Winner of this referendum.

The ECMC clubs have casted their votes and have indicated their preference for the proposal of MS Amsterdam.

The invitation to become part of the jury of International Mister Leather in November 2013, caught me totally unespected.
After just having organized the election of Mister Leather Europe I thought that it couldn’t get any better.
But shortly after that I learnt that life always comes up with new

The MLC – Flagship of the leather scene

The Münchner Löwenclub MLC (meaning Munich Lion Club) is one of the biggest leather and fetish clubs within Europe. What started as an insiders’ tip among leather guys 40 years ago has become a colourful gay communitywith more than 400 members.

Fetish is something you live, which is deep inside you, which makes you excited. Whether it be someone in skin gear, leather, uniform or rubber, it stirs your imagination and makes you go wild.

Dear friends,
I'm Neri from Naples. I have had my first approach with the leather world abroad in Berlin, because in my city there are no fetish events or Clubs. My native Club is Leather Club Roma but now I'm a member of the three Italian Clubs.

When I was on stage at Pitbull Clubbing in Vienna Dec-2014 to convince people why they should vote for me, I had no idea that these words would turn out to be so true…

Being chosen Mr Leather Malmö 2015 to represent SLM Malmö (Scandinavian Leather Men) in the ECMC AGM has been one of the biggest things in life to me.