How can I join the ECMC?
It is easy. Visit the page of the member clubs on this website and select the nearest club in your area or in your country. Then get a membership in that club.

Can I become an ECMC member without joining a club?
No, the affiliation to the ECMC is only possible through one of the 35 clubs in Europe.

Is it expensive to become an ECMC member?
Each club will charge you an annual membership fee, depending on their own pricing policy.

Does my membership fee to the club go directly to the ECMC?
No, your club will only pay an annual fee of €1.50 (one euro and fifty eurocents per year) to the ECMC for your membership in the ECMC.

What will the ECMC do with so little money from me?
The ECMC is a non-profit organization and all €1.50 of the 2,400 ECMC members will be reinvested for the benefit of our Community:
-    we providing patches, annual stickers, membership cards and other supportive material for its members;
-    we support the charity work and prevention information of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in various way;
-    we provide financial assistance to the emerging clubs in Central and Eastern Europe (Estonia, Poland and the Czech Republic) to compensate the high cost of living in Western Europe, thereby giving them the same opportunities as our wealthier Western European members.
-    every year, we sponsor the clubs organizing the annual general meeting of the ECMC and the annual ECMC Bike Run;
-    we provide a travel wallet the winner of the annual contest of Mister Leather Europe.