ECMC stands for European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs and consists of 35 member clubs across Europe active in organizing bike runs and social events aimed primarily at gay men with a common interest in motorcycles and fetishes for leather, rubber and uniform clothing.

The ECMC is managed by a Secretary who coordinates the international activities of the member clubs and ensures the cohesion and the continuity of the community. All the decisions in the ECMC are taken during an Annual General Meeting (AGM). The ECMC Secretary’s role also consists in the execution of the AGM’s decisions.

The scope of activities of the ECMC and its constitutive clubs is multiple:
- develop the spirit of belonging to a unique community and defend its lifestyle;
- expand and manage a network of contacts between European clubs;
- expand and manage a similar network of contacts between European titleholders;
- organization of an annual ECMC Bikerun;
- organization of an Annual General Meeting;
- organization of Mister Leather Europe;
- sponsoring of Mister Leather Europe in the fulfilment of his duties;
- creation of a solidarity movement with emerging leather communities in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe;
- integration of new clubs and support to new communities organizing themselves across Europe (Prague, Dublin, Bristol, Manchester, Lisbon, Potsdam, Milano and most recently even Zagreb and Saint-Petersburg);
- participation to the annual Europride in a European city (Riga 2015, Cologne 2016, Madrid 2017);
- promotion of safe sex practices, education to new therapies and social support to persons living with aids thanks to a close cooperation with specialized organizations like for example the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence;
- raise consciousness of the challenges of our LGBT communities in Europe: increased homophobia in the West, anti-gay laws in the East, just to name a few. Our concerns are now often relayed by the social media and traditional press, further increasing the necessary consciousness.

You want to be part of this great ECMC community? Please read the procedure to become a member of an ECMC club.