This is the international code for hankies.
Remember: RIGHT means PASSIVE (bottom), and LEFT means ACTIVE (top).

White Wants to be masturbed   Jacks u off
Black Master   Slave
Grey Ties   Wants to be tied
Yellow Gives piss   Accepts piss
Brown Gives shit   Accepts shit
Pale yellow Spits   Accepts spit
Mustard Has a big cock   Likes big cocks
Gold Couple looking for third   Looks for a couple
Orange Anything, now!   Anything, but not now
Coral Wants to have his feet licked   Foot-licker
Fuchsia Spanker   Spankee
Pink Dildo fucker   Dildo fuckee
Dark Pink Tit torturer   Tit torturee
Violet Piercer   Piercee
Red Fister   Fistee
Dark Red 2 hands fister   2 hands fistee
Light Blue Wants to have his cock sucked   Cock sucker
Navy Blue Fucker   Fuckee
Dark Blue Has uniforms   Is into uniforms
Blu pavone Cock-Balls torturer   Cock-Balls torturee
Green John   Hustler
Olive green Officer   Recruit